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ATO Inc.,as a premium automatic technology priducts supplier, we provide high quality blowers both for commerce and industry under a reasonable price, in order to meet your variable demends. If you need further help or have any techinical problem, please feel free to contact us. We will alway do our best to support you.

Our products are made of high quality PE engineering plastic houseing,air oulet is covered with a protecive screen to keep impurities out, reliable and durable.

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Variavble speed air blowers to meet your different demands. Please check our featured prodcuts.

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Inflatable Air Blower

ATO offers a series of inflatable air blowers ranging from 380W to 1.5kW (2 hp). With different pressures and airflows, the blowers are suitable for small, medium and large bounce houses, bouncy castles.

Industrial Air Blower

The 600W and 1200W variable speed air blowers with different air volumes used for industrial fields like medical equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning, lithium battery equipment, printing, and so on.

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Air blowers generally use centrifugal force to propel air forward. Inside a centrifugal air blower is a wheel with small blades on the circumference and a casing to direct the flow of air into the center of the wheel and out toward the edge...

Types of Blowers

Fan And Blowers

In HVAC/R terminology, the term fan may refer to any device used to create artificial currents of air. A blower is generally considered to be a particular type of fan–specifically, a motor-driven centrifugal fan that delivers air to the conditioned space under pressure...

The actual shape of blower performance curves is determined by the combined effect of the hydraulic losses of the impeller and casing. Mechanical losses including disk friction remains the same for all capacities and leakage loss is small and varies slightly with the impeller head near the shaft...

Performance Characteristics of A Blower