1200W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed

1200W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed, 110V/220V

1200 watt compact and light air mover is great suitable for air vacuum and air blower, allowing air volume adjustable via 4 speed control.With rugged design, stable airflow and energy-saving, this blower is widely applied for ventilation, dust extraction or cooling of medical equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning, lithium battery equipment, printing and other industrial application fields.


  • Inputs Voltage: 220V AC 110V AC
  • Air Volume: 253m3/h 240m3/h 228m3/h
  • Speed Control: Built-in potentiometer 1.5V-10V 1.5V-5V 4-20mA


Input Voltage *AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Rated Current6A
Max. Power1200 Watt
Max. Vacuum110mBar/ 11kPa185mBar/ 18.5kPa255mBar/ 25.5kPa
Max. Pressure124mBar/ 12.4kPa208mBar/ 20.8kPa286mBar/ 28.6kPa
Max. Air Volume253m3/h (148 CFM)240m3/h (140 CFM)228m3/h (134 CFM)
Max. Speed20000r/min
Inlet & Outlet Diameter44.5mm

Dimensions (Unit: mm)

  • ATO-WB1-1200
600W air blower 105 CFM dimensions
  • ATO-WB2-1200
Air blower 90 CFM dimensions
  • ATO-WB3-1200
Air blower 82 CFM dimensions

Air Vacuum/ Volume Curve Graph

  • Air blower 253m3/h (148 CFM)
1200W 148 CFM air blower airflow curve graph
  • Air blower 240m3/h (140 CFM)
1200W 140 CFM air blower airflow curve
  • Air blower 228m3/h (134 CFM)
1200W 134 CFM air blower airflow curve