600W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed

600W Industrial Air Blower, Variable Speed, 110V/220V

Small and light 600W variable speed blower is designed for air suction and blow with large and steady air volume.It is widely applied for ventilation, dust extraction or cooling of medical equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning, lithium battery equipment, printing and other industrial application fields.


  • Inputs Voltage: 220V AC 110V AC
  • Air Volume: 180m3/h 153m3/h 140m3/h 132m3/h
  • Speed Control: Built-in potentiometer 1.5V-10V 1.5V-5V 4-20mA


Input Voltage *AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Rated Current3A
Max. Power600 Watt
Max. Vacuum98mBar/ 9.8kPa126mBar/ 12.6kPa169mBar/ 16.9kPa210mBar/ 21kPa
Max. Pressure116mBar/ 11.6kPa139mBar/ 13.9kPa190mBar/ 19kPa235mBar/ 23.5kPa
Max. Air Volume180m3/h (105 CFM)153m3/h (90 CFM)140m3/h (82 CFM)132m3/h (77 CFM)
Max. Speed14000r/min
Inlet & Outlet Diameter44.5mm

Dimensions (Unit: mm)

  •  ATO-WB1-600
600W air blower 105 CFM dimensions
  • ATO-WB2-600
Air blower 90 CFM dimensions
  • ATO-WB3-600
Air blower 82 CFM dimensions
  • ATO-WB4-600
Air blower 77 CFM dimensions

Air Vacuum/ Volume Curve Graph

Air blower 105 and 90 CFM airflow curve graph
Air blower 82 CFM 77 CFM airflow curve graph