Factors Determining Fan Selection

As we already know, fan selection is a complicated process that starts with a basic knowledge of system operating requirements and conditions such as airflow rates, temperatures, pressures, airstream properties, and system layout. The variability of these factors and other considerations, such as cost, efficiency, operating life, maintenance, speed, material type, space constraints, drive arrangements, …

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Guide to Blower

Positive Displacement (PD) Lobe Blowers Lobe type blowers are simple and have been widely used in aerating wastewater for over 100 years. Positive displacement (PD) blowers, specifically in this case rotary lobe blowers, are the most used technology for blower applications, especially for medium to small flows. Lobe type blower efficiency is poor due to …

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Fan Drive Types

Fan drives can be reduced to two basic types: indirect drives (belt drives) and direct drives. Both types have strengths and weaknesses that should be considered carefully during selection. For a summary of the differences between direct and indirect drives, see Table C in the Appendix. Indirect (Belt) Drives Indirect drives, or belt drives, are …

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