centrifugal fan

Comparison Between Fan Horsepower and Other Characteristics

Horsepower vs Speed Characteristics. There are three basic principles of fan operation which can serve to aid in understanding and finding solutions to motor application problems. These are speed, pressure and air density. It can be stated that the horsepower input to a fan varies as the cube of the speed, with the other factors …

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Fans and Blowers

INTRODUCTION The words “fan” and “blower” are frequently used interchangeably. In HVAC/R terminology, the term fan may refer to any device used to create artificial currents of air. A blower is generally considered to be a particular type of fan–specifically, a motor-driven centrifugal fan that delivers air to the conditioned space under pressure. There are …

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Factors Determining Fan Selection

As we already know, fan selection is a complicated process that starts with a basic knowledge of system operating requirements and conditions such as airflow rates, temperatures, pressures, airstream properties, and system layout. The variability of these factors and other considerations, such as cost, efficiency, operating life, maintenance, speed, material type, space constraints, drive arrangements, …

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